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GENERAL GAME INFO:WWE 2012 RAW SMACKDOWN One of the best games in the history of sports.The WWE franchise is once again back with fantastic brand new WWE 12.This time i can bet you are really goin to feel that you are playing in the ring instead with the real enjoyment and excitement which WWE the previous version the game was nothing more thn but droppting smackdown VS raw.But in this version of WWE 12 you will see a long running wrestling series.WWE 12 brand new game brings some stunning features as well like juming easily witin the ring and start hammering away at meaty dudes with vigor but with real overaggressiveness.WWE 12 Mirrors the engergetic and amazing spectacle and cheesy swagger of the television programming having based on admirable gusto and real wrestling matches.Outside the arena and ring there are many flashy beautiful grand entrances and many cheering fans eager to see  their favourite players in mind blowing refresh action.The action in this game is basically fat paced and intense and the game's overhauld engin
e showcases a detailed garaphics in every players model with same actions and amazing stunts, and animations are more fluid this time around between different attacks but with smoothness,and with clean show .And im sure you will enjoy this game in its each and every match beacuse is this game you are with freedom to create your own playing content and then to do different matches with your hand made series of window.I recommend all my fellows to play this game as it brings new faeatures.....

WWE 2012 Screen Shots:

WWE 2012 System Requirements:
1-- Processor  >>>  2.4 GHZ...
2-- RAM >>> 512
3-- Graphics >>> 64 mb

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