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Software Description:
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Atomix virtual dj is a software for sound mixing and a software designed specially for mixing your sounds and to give a complete solution in the from a software for you sound mixing needs and provides you a best tool for your DJ needs.virtual dj consists of some audio tools and widgets designed specially FOR disk jockey's.We can create files music tracks and also complete files with MP3 fromat files audio.
Virtual dj is the only available program using which we can compose music and scratch smoothly all kind of music and their videos so on the whole virtual dj pro is a very professional looking software and with traditional look for for music mixing applications and even more then that.
In this latest version of virtual dj the support for recording your mistakes is also available which is very good to point out your mistakes which you made during mixing your sounds.
Mixes can be recorded in MP3,burned to CD,or even  streamed in to internet videos.AND one more thing virtual dj can be setup to two sound cards if you have more than one sound cards in tact.

Recent changes in virtual dj:
New MIDI definition Syntax
Fixed microphone soud.
Fixed compatibilty with 48 khz only Fixed ASIO drivers.
Dont register as REWIRE master untill vdj is using it
MAC:fixed filter folder using days since xxx
MAC:fixed crash when automixing karoke
MAC:fixed get bit rate information
MAC:fixed deleting playlists
MAC:fixed sort by file date

Features of virtual dj:
Video mixing
Three bank EQ
Pitch Control
Encoding CD to MP3
Synchronised sampler
Built-ins for audio processing
Fully supported karoke
Compatible with VST effects
Supported for MIDI keyboard
Compatible with sound card ASIO
Automatic reduction of sounds when needed

Screen Shots of ATOMIX virtual dj:



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