Free Download Angry Birds Space PC Game Full Version

                               GENERAL GAME INFO:
Angry Birds Space is the fourth version of angry birds series of games.The game is created by ROVIO na as every one knows that game gained a huge popularity in very less time and became one of the most popular and palyed game for PC and For mobile phones.There are alot of much advancements in this version of game including very comprehensive features such as Zero Gravity,Secret Goodies and Levels,60 levels of angry bird space game and much much more....This game angry birds space has a veru unique story line and a very comprehensive one which really made this game owsome.You can download Angy Birds Space game Free For your Windows pc easily from the provided link.Because angry birds new version of game has added new birds new super powers,zero gravity and 60 beautiful levels to play.

New Birds In Angry Birds Space:

New lazer birds:
New lazer birds are purple birds which are brought in place of yellow birds.It will be really exciting that how they fly under zero gravity conditions.
Blue birds:
The blue birds are once again back back in angry bird space.They are here for fun and for causing mischief.
Black Birds:
the black bird will explode in irritation,the bomb will use their heat shock wave to explode which comes in their path no matter any thing it gonna be.
New ice Birdsds:
New introduction of ice birds which will make any think into solid which comes in their way.
New Red Birds:
The Red bird is more powerfull then ever.They are all time favourites and will try to get there flock home.
Geen Birds:
Green Birds will protect their friends at any cost.They are also known is this game as big brother birds....

New features in angy birds space:
1-- 60 interstellar levels....
2-- Free updates....
3-- Regular freee updates....
4-- Brand new super powers....
5-- Brand new birds....
6-- Zero gravity....
7-- Beautifully detailed backrounds....

System Requirements:
1-- OS >>> WIN XP SP2
2-- RAM >>> 512
4-- CPU >>> 1GHZ

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