Need For Speed 2 PC Cheats,Codes

NFS II Cheats and Codes:


Type hollywood at the main menu to obtain the secret

track, Monolithic Studios.

Bonus Cars

Type one of the following codes at the main menu screen to race as a new vehicle:
TOMBSTONEA Daytona car
FZR2000A futuristic car

Bonus Cars

Type one of the following codes at the main menu screen to race as its matching vehicle:

bus --- School Bus
bmw ---  BMW
commanche --- Jeep Commanche
jeepyj -- -Jeep YJ
landcruiser --- Toyota Landcruiser
mercedes --- Mercedes Benz
miata --- Mazda Miata
quattro --- Audi Quattro
semi --- Semi
snowtruck --- Snowplow

vwfb --- Volkswagen Fastback
armytruck -- Army Truck
drive29 --- Monolitihic Studios Bus
drive30 --- Limousine
drive31 --- Citroen 2CV
drive36 --- Cart 
drive49 --- Snowy Wooden Box 1 
drive50 --- Snowy Wooden Box 2
drive37 --- Outhouse 
drive38 --- T-Rex 
drive39 --- Cowboy wagon 
drive40 --- Wagon 
vanagon --- Volkswagen Van
volvo --- Volvo
vwbug --- Volkswagen Bug 

drive41 --- Souvenier Stand 1
drive42 --- Souvenier Stand 2
drive43 --- Souvenier Stand 3
drive44 --- Log
drive45 --- Monorail
drive46 --- Hoverpolice
drive47 --- UFO
drive48 --- Sewage Truck 

Type rushhour at the the main menu to get a lot of

traffic on the road.

Type pioneer at the main menu to upgrade all the cars

engines. This will give them better handling and

faster speeds.

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